October 6, 2013

South Street Burger Company Serves Up Four New Gluten Free Signature Burgers


Growing up I had always said that if I could magically have gluten I would love to have a big juicy and tasty burger! My parents would buy me gluten free burger buns and we would try to create our own gluten free burgers. However the buns that were available at that time resembled a brick and left so much to be desired. After a few of these bad bun experiences, I used to opt for my burger without a bun. Burger buns have come such a long way and are now soft and delicious. 

I was lucky enough to be contacted by the trendy burger spot South Street Burger Company with an offer to try their four new signature burger combinations which are available on a gluten free bun. And of course I jumped at the opportunity! The company is affiliated with New York Fries which has been our go to location for fresh cut fries which are not cooked in oil shared with any other fried items so you can rest assured they are gluten free, plus they are fresh and delicious! 

Wednesday nights my daughters have gymnastics and by the time we are done there is never enough time to make diner. After class last week, we headed to South Street Burger to chow down on some new exciting burgers. I ordered the Nacho Burger which I easily customized to be made with a chicken burger and a gluten free bun (extra $1). Nachos are of my favorite foods and to combine this with a burger was a brilliant combination! All the ingredients were really fresh and the combination of cheddar cheese, salsa, guacamole, lettuce and jalepeno sour cream which added a bit of spice made the perfect burger. 

My daughters ordered the True North Burger which featured maple infused onions, bacon, cheddar cheese and signature sauce. They gobbled up everything in record time and even loved the onions which are usually passed over. And of course we enjoyed a side of crispy fries! The burger buns were tasty, soft and light and had the perfect squish which is my favorite quality in a delicious burger bun. 

If you have been to a South Street Burger Company you will know that they have a toppings bar set out for you to customize your burger. I was super impressed that for our burgers, they were made in a separate area and with a set of toppings in a container dedicated just to their gluten free customers. I always appreciate any steps to help avoid cross contamination.

We will definitely be heading back again to try their two other new burger combinations. To be honest after finishing my burger, I wished I had more room to try one more! Comment below on what your favorite toppings and combinations are for your favorite custom burger. 

Check out the South Street Burger Company for a location near you! 


  1. Good to know, what a treat for you and the girls. Will go try out, maybe the mushroom and swiss. Thanks for the great info and review!

  2. Hi, which location did you visited?

    1. The location in Beacon Hill and the service was great!




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