August 29, 2012

Interview with a Gluten Free Rockstar- Darius Lux

Anyone who has ever played RockBand has experienced a little moment of wishing they were a rockstar. A dream for many and a reality for only a few. One of those accomplished few is Darius Lux, an upcoming singer-songwriter, who is fulfilling his dream of being a performer.

Darius was born in London, attended school in New York and then moved to California to pursue his dream of traveling around the world sharing his music and performing to his fans. His music has been described as inspirational rock and soul music. Beyond his music, Darius reached out to be an inspiration in another facet of his life. He follows a gluten free diet which you can only imagine must be tough being a traveling musician, but he is a motivation that it is possible to live a healthy gluten free life on the go.

I was lucky enough to have a chance to interview Darius to find out a bit about his life as a musician and his gluten free experience.

Who was your musical idol growing up?
Probably Prince because he plays so many instruments and writes and produces his own material - that always inspired me to learn as many instruments as possible and and take charge of the recording process

Tell us how you started on the gluten free diet?
I dont have Celiac Disease but I am allergic to glutens - I'd started having bloating, stomach cramps and low energy in the morning and just over a year ago had a test done for food allergens.

How much planning goes into being on the road performing and trying to maintain a gluten free diet?
It gets easier with time, and of course it helps to know what food may be waiting for me if supplied by a festival or club but generally I have to have a back-up plan even if it seems my needs have been understood. As many know from going gluten free, there are so many (hidden) uses of gluten in food that even people's best intentions may only result in a small amount of food that I can eat.

Do you have a go to snack or meal before you go onstage?
Raw almonds are great, I believe they have some protein in them, and I always love to have an avocado. Apples and bananas are great too for energy.

Are there any gluten free items you always carry with you on the road?
Ahi or salmon jerky has become an essential traveling companion. Fruit and nuts are great too, they fill you up without being too bulky to carry.

In your experience how often are people aware of what it means to be Celiac/gluten free?
Almost never, tho there is a growing awareness about glutens now as it becomes more publicized - I think even Dominos have a gluten-free pizza now!

- City to visit for gluten free eats? Manhattan - hands down- they have the most specialized restaurants in the world that I know of.
- Home cooked meal? Shrimp with Brown Rice Pasta and a cashew cream sauce;))
- Snack? Potato chips - come on!
- Restaurant? I loved Red Lobster before I developed my allergies and I love it now - there are still some dishes there that allow you to avoid glutens: rice, seafood etc
- Guilty Pleasure Food? Choc chip cookies made from rice flour and tapioca.

What non gluten free food do you miss the most?
A slice of New York Pizza

Do you have any tips for someone who is just starting out on the gluten free diet?
Don't be too hard on yourself, it takes a while to figure out a new game plan and break years of eating habits and cravings. It also takes time to find out all the ways glutens can be hidden - take a step each day, and remember that you're doing this so you feel the BEST you can.

When you are not busy being a rockstar, what is your favorite past time?
Going to the beach - a major perk of living in CA! It could be volleyball, surfing, chillin', whatever - just gimme sun, sea and sand ;)

Check out for more info on Darius, his band and his music.

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