June 10, 2012

Muse Restaurant and An Anniversary

Often I cannot believe that it has been six years since I said "I Do" to my wonderful husband. It seems like just yesterday we were planning our wedding and getting ready to walk down the aisle. To celebrate this momentous occasion we decided to try a restaurant that was new to us. The Muse Restaurant was given fantastic reviews and was rated as gluten free friendly. I called to make reservations and they assured me that the majority of their menu was gluten free or could be modified to be gluten free.

When we arrived I was super excited to learn the executive chef of the restaurant is Xavier Lacaze. He was a participant on Top Chef Canada and I could not wait to try his food. Our server was kind enough to go through the entire menu with us to discuss what options would worked best.

We were offered popcorn with truffle oil as a pre-appetizer. Having not eaten lunch this was a welcome treat and was delectable. As an appetizer we decided to step out and try the brussel sprouts with Maple syrup and pine nuts. I have never been a fan of this vegetable but the combination sounded too good to pass up. Although we were told this appetizer took at least 20 minutes to prepare, it was well worth waiting for. The sprouts were cooked to crisp perfection and featured the sweet undertone of the maple syrup and the crunch of the roasted pine nuts.

The main course was a difficult decision as all of the options sounded equally delicious. My husband ordered the lobster potato lasagna which was composed of lobster, Yukon potatoes, spinach and scallops. I almost ordered the same exact thing but since my husband was kind enough to share I was able to steal a bite. Although it was absolutely delicious and was very velvety, I was happy to have just one bite as it was a very rich dish. I opted for the Almond and Honey Glazed Duck Breast. While we were on our honeymoon is St. Lucia I fell in love with duck and have not had it since 6 years ago. I was very happy that this duck dish lived up to my memories of how wonderful this game meat can be. The sauce and doneness of the meat was perfect and it was served on an very tasty bed of orange infused lentils and top with a surprisingly delicious eggplant caviar.

It was a exceptional meal and I would highly recommend the restaurant for a fine cuisine gluten free experience. The meal was a highlight of the night but more so was celebrating an amazing 6 years with with my husband and I cannot wait for many more anniversaries and meals for us to share.

If you want to create your own dining memories, visit Muse's Restaurant.

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