September 5, 2011

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cake Mixes in Canada

Another small victory for the gluten free people of Canada!  I am so happy that General Mills has been expanding to have its Gluten Free products available in Canada.  First it was Chex and now we have the pleasure of having Betty Crocker Cake Mixes available on the grocery shelves in Canada.  Now when you go to the United States you will not have to leave room in your luggage to bring back as many gluten free products! But perhaps that just means you can buy more at the mall since you have more room in your
Betty Crocker has two cake mixes available in Canada, the first is a Devil's Food Cake which is what I used to make my Chocolate Zucchini Layered Cake a few weeks ago.  The second delicious cake mix they offer is a Yellow Cake Mix, very versatile for numerous gluten free recipes. Betty Crocker's site offers numerous recipes for these two mixes. 

I found the two mixes available at Calgary Co-op for $6.29 each, but I would imagine they are available at other common grocery retailers throughout Canada and if not, ask to speak to a grocery manager and they may request to bring the products in to their location. 

This is also a great opportunity for those who are not gluten free but may be having a guest over who is gluten free and wants to surprise them with dessert.  A meal is often quite easy to make gluten free naturally, but dessert is another thing.  These premixes will take the complexity out of making a gluten free dessert that everyone can enjoy.  

This is a few steps forward, but I encourage you to continue to email General Mills encouraging them to bring more of their products to Canada, such as Cinnamon, Chocolate and Corn Chex, Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix and Brownie Mix and Bisquick Mix.  You can contact them by visiting the product websites and filling out their 'Contact Us' form.  

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