May 8, 2011

The Calgary Celiac Market Experience

Yesterday was a busy but a very productive and rewarding Saturday.  We started that day with the Second Annual Calgary Celiac Market.  The night before the market I told me twin girls that we were going to go somewhere where they would be able to eat everything and were they would not be allergic to anything.  What an amazing opportunity I thought.  We arrived when the market opened and it did not disappoint, my children were in heaven!  They were so excited for all the samples that we even had to sit them aside and explain that they would not possibly be able to try everything and that they had to be patient while others were also sampling yummy items.

Some items to highlight were the Gluten Free General Store, a great resource for gluten free grocery delivery.  They offer numerous gluten free products for baking, meals, cereals, pastas and more.  They do orders on set dates and are able to buy bulk and therefore the prices are less.  For more information visit

Another highlight or surprise was the new line of products that Lakeview Bakery is offering.  They used to be one of the only bakeries in Calgary to offer gluten free breads and other items, but over time they really had not kept up with the quality that has come to be expected of gluten free items.  Well I am happy to say that they finally have a bread that can stand against the rest.  Their new Against the Grain Bread had great texture and taste and is much taller than their previous loaf.  Another delicious item we just had to buy was the Gluten Free Cheese and Herb Buns, slight hint of cheese with a strong herb taste.  Other items I would have loved to buy but my stomach can only take so much are the Lava Cakes, Coffee Cakes, Lemon Squares, yum!

One our favorite stops at the Market was Judy G's Pizzas.  It is a company which started out of Calgary and we love to support local companies. We are not new to her pizzas, as they are a main staple in our freezer, but it was very nice to meet the owner herself and to sample the Roasted Mediterranean Artichoke Pizza.  We had never tried this particular pizza and although my twins were hesitant to try it given they generally do not like olives or artichokes, they gobbled it up and I think it might be our new favorite.  For more information on Judy G's Pizzas, visit

Amaranth Whole Foods Market was there which is were we buy all our gluten free flours for baking.  In addition I bought gluten free Hoisin sauce, all this time I have been missing it and never thought to look for a gluten free variety, more Asian cooking to follow!  

GF Patisserie were selling their delicious and eye pleasing cupcakes.  They are one of our favorite bakeries to visit on a day off when we can take a drive out to Cochrane.  They also have many retailers within Calgary and restaurants which are now featuring their products. They make excellent bread, especially the Gluten Free Italian Flat Bread, please visit their website for more information and to place your order:

Also present was Kinnikinnick which was one of my favorite places to visit when I lived in Edmonton.  Although the company ships across North America, they are based out of Edmonton and have a bakery there were you can buy some items that they will not ship.  If you are ever in Edmonton, stop by and buy one of their Cheese and/or Pizza Buns and their large Carrot Muffins are to die for!  Visit their website for more info or to order with a $10.00 flat shipping fee:

The market was a great chance to see any new products in Calgary and would have been a great resource for anyone just starting out on the diet.  I was lucky enough to follow up the trip to the market with a trip to Chinook Mall to check out the new Victoria Secret, which was visually gorgeous, but offered no deals and was crazy busy!  We also got to take a look at the new Tiffany's which looks gorgeous, but had a very long line.  The rest of the mall was not that bad, so to work off all the gluten free samples, I spent the rest of the day with my mom shopping!   Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful moms!


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